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School & sports physicals

A physical exam is often required before your child attends school or a camp, or participates in a sport. The purpose of this exam is to ensure your child can safely participate in the activity without harming himself or others.

The pediatricians at Novant Health Pediatrics South End regularly complete school, camp and sports physicals. These exams often include a review of your child’s and family’s health history to reveal any underlying medical conditions, as well as a physical exam to assess current health. Vaccinations will also be administered as needed, as schools and camps require children’s vaccines be current. Some physicals require more specific testing geared specifically toward the activity in which your child wishes to take part.

If your child needs a physical before school or another activity:

  • Contact our office well in advance to schedule your appointment. Often, these physicals can be completed at the same time as your child's annual doctor's visit.
  • Bring any forms that must be completed. We will not always have access to these forms in our office.
  • Contact your insurer if you are concerned about payments or copayments that will be due at the time of this visit. Not all school and sports physicals are covered by insurance.